annia baron

mindset coach. clinical psychologist. yoga teacher.


Annia is a Clinical Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, working in private practice at The Practice in Kingston (Hobart).


She has lectured with the University of Tasmania in Psychology and you can find her articles published monthly in The Hobart Magazine. 


Annia is a board member of the Culturally Diverse Alliance of Tasmania and is Chair of the Mentoring, Education, Mental Health and Arts Events Committee.


Annia has completed a Master in Psychology (Clinical), Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), and Bachelor of Business Studies.

woman standing on cliff

the real story

Titles mean nothing to me without results to back that up and a big heart to drive it. So, here is the real me.


Helping one another live happier, healthier lives that leave a positive mark on the world is what I wake up for each day. My adoration for the human spirit, the neuroplasticity of our brain, and our potential for tremendous growth and contribution sparks a fire in my belly like no other.


But in all honesty, I needed some serious reminding. I thought I was doing all the right things - eating healthily, yoga, and pursuing my work and creativity goals.


But I felt like an imposter.


I was struggling with anxiety, dealing with grief and loss, and barely staying afloat at times - emotionally, physically, and financially. My heart and soul was screaming out to me but all I wanted to do was run away. Medical tests showed my  body was experiencing 'an acute stress response'; my adrenals were f**ked and I was in depletion. Hearing that, I felt like an utter failure. Here I was psychologist, who was smashing it in my work but falling apart on the inside.


How could I help others, authentically, if I was not helping myself?


In truth, I had not been doing the inner work I knew was available to me. If I wanted to be the best for others, I needed to deal with my own emotional blocks, own up to my excuses, unwire self-sabotaging habits, procrastination and avoidance, and start taking greater accountability for my goals, actions, and habits to prioritise a better balance.



At the core of it all, I want to empower people to free themselves from emotional turmoil, create phenomenal work-life balance, and live as their most authentic, successful, and impactful Self.


This is what ReMind Yourself is about.




"The impact that Annia has had on my life is hard to put into words. She has helped me to view the world in an entirely different way and both taught and encouraged me to take charge. I am now in full control of my life and the opportunities are endless."

— Lee C
Hobart, TAS.

"Having someone like Annia by my side completely changed the way I live my life. Remind Yourself woke me up and now, I live my life happier, feeling vibrant, being joyful in my work, and enthused about the future."

— Emily P
Hobart, TAS.

"At first, I was reluctant but Annia has a way of combining the science and soul of change in a way that was easy and relatable. Now, I feel confident within my self and it's showing in my work. Thank you Annia!"

— Sarah C
Elsternwick, VIC.