Love Notes

The message is simple: Spread goodness.



It started a few years ago. When I was feeling low or vulnerable, I would write "Love Notes" that I'd leave randomly for others to find - sneakily placed under the sugar bowl at a cafe, under a windscreen wiper of a parked car or dropped randomly into someone's letterbox.


They were simple messages - some uplifting and motivational, others spoke cold, hard truths that I needed to hear at the time.


The empowering idea of making someone else feel seen and valued, knowing that's what I needed, made me feel better.

I felt part of something bigger.


So I created 365 Love Notes to ReMind Yourself - one for every day of the year in hope that they make their way to the right person at the right time, so we can all be reminded that we are seen, we are valued, and we are more connected than we realise. 


These Love Notes are made in Tasmania, with love, out of paper that is FSC approved from sustainable and ethically sourced forests.

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