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It's time
to glow.


November 2020.



4 Letters, 4 Challenges, across 4 Weeks to elevate your mindset, reset your habits, achieve your wellness goals, and feel more connected with yourself and with others.  


What does it look like? 


It’s super flexible. You can decide to do accumulate the challenges as the weeks to on or do just commit to a week by week basis.




G = Get Moving Baby!

You KNOW how much better your FEEL about yourself when you’re caring for your physical body. Everything works better when you’re working on your health.

Our challenges will be about getting you moving a bit more, outside, with consistency.

  • 30 minutes minimum each day PLUS
  • A commitment of daily mini-movement changes that you select from, according to your personalised plan
    • 1-minute plank
    • 50-100 squats (you can spread these out during the day!)
    • 20-40 push ups (again, spread throughout the day if you wish!) or
    • A few more options I have up my sleeve for you!





L = Let (that shit) go!

Proving once and for all that you are in control by choosing to give up a bad habit that’s stopping you from being your best self.

Whether sugar, alcohol, smoking, wasting time on screens, pressing the snooze button etc., the choice is yours.


Instead you’ll replace it with a new, healthy, mind-enhancing habit that will be personalised for you, based on your current lifestyle and goals.

It’s all about clearing out the old to make way for the new.




O = Owning your ‘no’

Becoming a compassionate-boundary setter.

  • Undo the constant people pleasing that’s been keeping you drained and depleted
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries that honour you and those you care about
  • Gain mastery over old, unhelpful thoughts that are keeping you stuck, e.g. “I should”, “I need to”, “If I don’t, then things will get worse”, If I say no, they won’t accept me, like me etc.”
  • Embody the freedom that comes from replacing old notions of letting others down with empowering actions of boundary setting





Wire in a new mindset. One that celebrates your growth, builds your adaptability, and enhances your sense of connection to yourself and others.

Mindset Challenges will focus on:

  • Stretching out your comfort zone
  • Building resilience
  • Replacing a mindset of fear and doubt with one of growth and trust
  • Finally being able to live your life without being impacted by other people’s opinions or judgements.



Once you sign up ($24), you’ll receive:


  • Welcome pack with personalised resources
  • Access to our private online group where we can support, network, uplift, and share our journey for personal growth
  • Mini challenges and activities assigned each week to build your mindset practices
  • Regular videos, check-ins, and access to personalised mindset coaching tools
  • Ongoing support and motivation to finish off strong! 



Your decision to “G.L.O.W will also be contributing to The Tarkine Wild School (part of the Wild Walkers Tasmania) which aims to offer bush adventure therapy for youth-at-risk within the Child Protection System.


Because alone, we can go fast, but together, we go far.





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