Time to glow 2022


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The G.L.O.W Mindset Challenge is back and it all starts again soon.


4 Letters, 4 Challenges, across 4 Weeks to elevate your mindset, reset your habits, and feel more connected with yourself and with others.


This is a LIVE program, which means I am in this WITH you, in REAL time, EVERY DAY as your personal Clinical Psychologist & Mindset Coach.  


What does it look like? 


It’s super flexible. You can start ANYTIME.



G = Get Moving Baby!

We prime the mind by focusing on the body.

Our challenges will be a personalised program of:

  • 30 minutes min of physical exercise each day PLUS
  • Your choice of daily mini-movement challenges, based on your personal goals, such as:
    • Holding your plank
    • 50-100 squats 
    • 20-40 push ups
    • 20-40 lunges
    • 20 - 40 sit ups





L = Let (that shit) go!

It’s all about CLEARING the OLD to make way for the NEW.

Whether sugar, alcohol, smoking, Netflixing, pressing the snooze button, procrastination etc., together, we’ll say “sayonara” to those old, rusty habits and replace them with healthy, mind-enhancing, kick-ass actions.




O = Owning your ‘no’

Transforming your "I-have-to-say-yes-to-everything-and-everyone" habit into being a Compassionate Boundary Setter:

  • Undo the constant people pleasing that’s been keeping you drained
  • Set healthy boundaries that honour you and those you care about
  • Finally, gain mastery over old, unhelpful thoughts that are keeping you stuck, e.g.
    • “I should”
    • “I need to“
    • "If I don’t, then things will get worse”
    • "If I say no, they won’t accept me, like me etc.”



W = Wire in a new mindset

One that spurs on your adaptability to setbacks and embodies your growth! You’ll be ready to:

  • Strengthen your resilience
  • Replace fear and doubt with growth and trust
  • Live the life you desire and deserve



When you invest in yourself, you’ll receive:


  • Welcome pack with personalised resources
  • Daily LIVE videos, check-ins, and access to personalised mindset coaching tools
  • Access to our private online group where we can support, network, uplift, and share our journey for personal growth
  • Mini challenges and activities assigned each week to build your mindset practices
  • Ongoing support and motivation to finish off strong! 



Your decision to G.L.O.W will also be contributing to SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY - doing tremendous work to help prevent suicide by spreading the message that nothing is so bad that you can’t talk about it.


Because alone, we can go fast, but together, we go far.





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