the blog

Each of these pieces are a piece of me. I share them with you because I believe in the power of letting people in. The journey of creating happier, healthier lives is best taken together.

the perfunctory addiction

(explicit language used) “Good thanks” has become the automatic response. Without a second thought, we answer the question, “How are you?” with this two-word perfunctory, ...
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the urgency reversal

Years ago, I met a man who changed me. He taught me many lessons, which to this day, continue to be important in how I ...
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to smile

We all have the power to create tremendous change. We all have the capacity to generate incredible joy, positivity, gratitude, courage, and a sense of ...
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just a look

Imagine for a moment that everyone was not that interested in you. That everyone was neither bothered or amused by anything you said, did, wore, ...
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upon waking

You did not have to do anything to be here. You did not have to put in work to come into this life, to be ...
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on change

It is easy to get people to like you. You only need to upload a photo of your morning coffee with a random caption and ...
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